Six Stages of Tuning Rotary Machines Without Forced Induction

Welcoming rumors that Mazda will revive the Rotary engine for the upcoming RX-Vision 2020 concept car, here is an overview of the potential modifications to this legendary engine. To note, this engine without a piston is one of the best materials for use in racing because of its large power potential.

Well, the basic steps for tuning a Rotary machine are porting the rotor housing. If you take the example of the Mazda RX-7’s non-turbo 13B RESI (Rotary Engine Super Injection) engine (135 hp), there are at least six stages of porting that can be done. Starting from standard, mild to advanced stages such as monster ports or peripheral ports. All these steps do not add forced induction.

In the standard port, the intake and exhaust channels have been situs slot gacor ported, but only smoothing the intake and exhaust channels without changing their shape. At the standard port stage, it is able to provide better fuel flow efficiency.

After the standard port, it is known as the mild port. At this stage, the porting process has slightly changed the shape of the intake and exhaust channels. Mild port, it is recommended to do it for tuning with a performance goal of around 200 hp. The engine response is even faster, but at the expense of fuel consumption. If you want more powerful, you can enter the port, which enlarges the intake and exhaust channels. Power was terkatrol up to 220 hp.

The bridge port has begun to affect the character of the machine, such as idle which is difficult to stabilize and the engine sound is noisier. Another advanced stage, can be with J or monster ported, which is similar to a bride port, but the shape of the eyebrows situs baccarat terpercaya on the intake and exhaust channels is bigger. This method is to increase engine performance which has touched the 300 hp mark.

The top stage is the peripheral port. This stage is not recommended for daily use, and is generally used for competition purposes. On the peripheral port, rebuild the peripheral port on the intake port, on a larger rotor housing. It is intended for performance targets above 300 hp!

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